The Benefits of Efficient Accounting Systems

Optimal efficiency is key to running a successful business in today’s fast paced environment. Using available technology to automate procedures can help to achieve significant time and cost savings across many departments, offering enormous benefits.

Most of us are aware of Cloud Accounting systems, the best known of which are QuickBooks Online and Xero, but used to their fullest these are much more than just basic bookkeeping applications.

As stand alone systems cloud applications offer 24/7 access from any location via any internet enabled device. Systems are generally relatively straightforward to operate and can provide virtual real time information on the health of your business. However, when coupled with the numerous “add on” applications Cloud Accounting really comes into its own with a range of easily integrated solutions across areas such as:

  • Management reporting and KPI’s
  • Credit control and debt chasing
  • Timesheets and billing
  • Stock control
  • Project management

and many more.

Add in the ability to scan and store documents electronically and to automatically post invoices and you have a truly integrated, paperless solution. All these systems are designed with the highest level of security and with GDPR in mind, meaning that such systems are less vulnerable and more compliant with regulatory requirements than more traditional alternatives.

Cunningtons are able to advise on the best systems for your business, to install and set up the software and to train and support your team on an ongoing basis.

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